Top 7 Reasons Executives in Sweden Hire Executive Coaches from the USA

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Are you an executive in Sweden who is thinking about getting help from an executive coach? Here are the Top 7 Reasons Why Hiring an English-speaking executive coach can make sense if you are an executive in Sweden.

  1. CONVENIENT COMMUNICATION 📞 –  Video and phone connections make it easy to communicate. It doesn’t matter if you are in in the next room or across an ocean. Clients find it to be more convenient to communicate via phone or video because it is so easy.

  2. ENGLISH PRACTICE 🗣️ – Swedish executives are often great at speaking English and are eager to get practice with a native English speaker.

  3. MORE SELECTION 🌎 – There are a lot of great coaches in Sweden, but why limit yourself to just one country? If you can do coaching in English, it greatly expands the number of coaches you can choose from. 

  4. US MARKET EXPERTISE 🇺🇸 – If your organization does business overseas, chances are the US market is important for you. Why not benefit from a coach who understands that market?

  5. FRESH PERSPECTIVE 🔎 – Executive coaches from the US can view things through different cultural lenses. They will have different references and resources to draw upon. Why not take the opportunity to get a fresh perspective on your situation.

  6. NETWORKING  🌐 – Executive coaches from the US can help you build your network beyond Sweden.

  7. THERE IS A GREAT ENGLISH-SPEAKING COACH LOCATED IN SWEDEN 🇸🇪 – Victor Prince is a consultant-turned-executive who became an executive coach to help people like you. He relocated to Sweden in 2021 to marry his Swedish wife.  
    • As a Chief Operating Officer (COO), Victor led a team with 300+ people and $100+ million of budget.
    • As a Bain & Company strategy consultant, he advised senior executives across six countries and several industries.
    • As a noted leadership book author, he helps leaders find innovative ways to provide the best leadership to their teams.
    • As a Wharton MBA, he learned business from the best. 

Victor applies proven tools and techniques to help executives identify the root causes of their problems and implement the solutions that will work for them. He also taps his experience living and working in Sweden to help connect with Swedish executives.   

Brochure about Victor Prince Executive Coach

How Our Executive Coaching Works

Victor approaches coaching like a consulting project.

He helps clients identify their goals and then employs the right information, tools, and techniques to achieve those goals.

He helps clients track progress and see results.

Victor’s goal is to make the coaching sessions the most valuable, and anticipated, meetings clients have at work.

A typical engagement has Victor meeting with the client every other week for six months. The meetings can be over the phone, via a video call, or in-person. 

Every client is different, but a typical coaching engagement may look like this:

  • Gather Baseline Information – Victor interviews the client’s key colleagues to get anonymous feedback on the client’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. The client also takes a few standardized assessments to measure their working interests and style relative to other people.

  • Identify Opportunities for Improvement – Victor reviews the feedback and assessment results with the client. They identify and prioritize the most important things to work on.

  • Set Improvement Goals – Victor uses a conversational technique called active inquiry to help the client identify solutions to their problems and opportunities. Each session ends with the client identifying a few next steps they want to do before the next meeting.

  • Track Progress to Build Accountability – Each session starts by reviewing the progress on the next steps from previous sessions. Victor uses a web-based tool to help the client track progress.
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