Training Courses

Through our partnership with thoughtLEADERS LLC, we have taught world-class training courses to clients across the US, Europe, and the Middle East over the last 10+ years.

Course List


Structured Problem Solving

Teaches participants how to define a problem, scope issues related to the problem, find root causes, generate potential solutions, then analyze and select the best solution.


Structured Thought and Communication

Teaches participants to communicate their ideas effectively and efficiently by applying structure and best practices.


Simplified Strategic Planning

Teaches participants an effective strategic planning process while also creating a clear, compelling, strategic plan for their organization.


Leading Teams

Teaches leaders to more efficiently and effectively invest their own time and energy to get better results from their team members.


Deliberate Decision-Making

Teaches participants how to make better, faster, and more effective decisions. Participants learn how to do this through the application of simple yet powerful decision making tools.


Compelling Executive Presence

Build your ability to connect with your audience and convey your ideas in a clear and impactful way. Create meaningful connections between you and your audience.