The Daily Briefing Book for Executives

The Daily Briefing Book is a great tool I learned from other executives. Basically, my executive assistant would gather all the materials that people wanted to cover with me in meetings a day before the meeting. She would compile all of those documents, presentations and agenda items into a binder for me to take home the night before so I could prepare for the next day’s meetings. (Putting it all on an iPad is an even better option.) She would put a print out of my calendar for the day on the cover and I would carry that with me through the whole day as the perfect guide to get me through my day of back to back meetings.

By being able to think through my questions and issues ahead of time, I was able to make my meetings more effective. If you are an executive and have not yet started getting a daily briefing book, I highly recommend it. If you are an executive assistant looking for a great new idea for your boss, I highly recommend it too.

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