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Training Courses we Teach

We work with thoughtLEADERS, LLC to teach leadership, strategy, critical thinking, and communications skills. Courses include: 

Structured Problem Solving - Teaches participants how to define a problem, scope issues related to the problem, find root causes, generate potential solutions, then analyze and select the best solution. Learn more. 

Structured Thought and Communication - Teaches participants to communicate their ideas effectively and efficiently by applying structure and best practices. Learn more. 

Simplified Strategic Planning - Teaches participants an effective strategic planning process while also creating a clear, compelling, strategic plan for their organization. Learn more.

Leading TeamsTeaches leaders to more efficiently and effectively invest their own time and energy to get better results from their team members. Learn more.  

The courses are typically one or two days in length and conducted at the client's location. 

We have other training courses on leadership, project management, negotiation, story-telling, coaching, resilience, chart design and time management. See the complete list of our training courses, workshops and seminarsQuestions? Send us an email


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Strategic Business Planning

Online Course on TITAN

Structured Thought

and Communication

Online Course  on TITAN

Storytelling for Leaders

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Online Course on TITAN

Storytelling for Salespeople

Online Course on TITAN

Leading through Change

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Principles of Chart Design

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Online Courses on TITAN


What customers are saying...


"Excellent, really enjoyed it!"

"I am very excited to try this method with my boss!"

"I have a complicated issue that I will be facilitating and will definitely be using the logic map to help define the issues and look for the 80/20."

"Really useful for my project management duties ... creating executive status reports, etc."

"Great instructor - lots of info."

“The ‘Cheat Sheet’ provides a great summary which is easily accessible.” 

"Very relevant and puts most of what we do in a clear framework."

"(Instructor was) well-rounded and knowledgeable... added value by sharing relevant examples." 

"Great tips - liked the various structures and approaches."

"Lots of info in a short period of time but kept a good pace so not too overwhelming."

"Good instructor.  Good experience."

"Very good content.  I am planning on using this day to day!  Great foundation!"

"Great instructor overall." 

"The instructor's background and experience made me feel like I'm receiving quality training."

"Very new concept for me and very thought provoking."

"Great facilitator.  Easy to listen to."

"Good balance on exercises/lecture, and generally well-focused exercises." 

“Gave a lot of examples from real life corporate world.”

“Good course. Good professor.” 

“Using three different case studies is effective. One for explanation, one for exercises and a final thorough group work.” 

“Some great examples were given.” 

“Extremely relevant course content.” 

“Instructor was extremely professional yet friendly and flexible.” 

“Instructor’s expertise was relevant. We really appreciate his time, effort and energy.” 

“Brilliant trainer and very useful and apt responses to questions.” 

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