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Critical Thinking and Communications Training

Are you a: 

  • Professional who has the right ideas but sometimes struggles to win support for them?
  • Busy Executive who suffers through long  presentations that don't make a point?
  • Training manager looking to improve your organization's decision-making?

We can help you and your organization communicate more clearly, concisely, and persuasivelySee how in this short video. >>>

Learn Structured Thinking & Communications

We teach organizations to use the same advanced communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving techniques that the "Big Three" elite strategy consulting firms - McKinsey, BCG, Bain - use to serve their clients.

Professionals learn to:

  • Solve problems more efficiently and effectively, using critical thinking tools like "the 80/20 Pareto principle," "MECE," "logic trees," "story boards,"  and "root cause analysis" to avoid "boiling the ocean" and "analysis paralysis."
  • Communicate in the same compelling "answer-first," "elevator pitch," "story-telling" way as the elite strategy consultants.

Executives benefit by:

  • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their team's critical thinking, problem-solving, communications, and decision-making.
  • Saving their time by teaching their staff to communicate more clearly and concisely with them. Executives who have a background in consulting particularly value this training for their teams.

Training managers benefit by:

  • Presenting a new training option that your clients, especially those who have worked with strategy consultants, will value.
  • Ensuring the instructor who shows up to train your organization has the experience teaching and using these skills your clients will value.

Our training courses are typically delivered as a one or two day group workshop at a client site by Victor Prince, a thoughtLEADERS instructor with over 20-years experience applying and teaching these skills. (See a case study of one of his consulting engagements.) He has trained corporate, government, and consulting professionals from the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East in these problem-solving and communication techniques. 

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What Clients are Saying...


"Excellent, really enjoyed it!"

"I am very excited to try this method with my boss!"

"Very helpful to have a concrete framework to organize my thoughts... Very thoughtful, had good real life examples."

"I have a complicated issue that I will be facilitating and will definitely be using the logic map to help define the issues and look for the 80/20."

"Really well broken down into digestible pieces and concepts that were easy to understand... Great instructor - very interesting and engaging."

"This is something that I struggle with in my job often. I go down rabbit holes and try to 'boil the ocean.' However, this helps me narrow down the process to pinpoint my goal."

"Really useful for my project management duties ... creating executive status reports, etc."

"Appreciated logical structure of each component and how they all fit with each other."

"Great instructor - lots of info."

“The ‘Cheat Sheet’ provides a great summary which is easily accessible.” 

"Very relevant and puts most of what we do in a clear framework."

"(Instructor was) well-rounded and knowledgeable... added value by sharing relevant examples." 

"Great tips - liked the various structures and approaches."

"Lots of info in a short period of time but kept a good pace so not too overwhelming."

"Good instructor.  Good experience."

"Very good content.  I am planning on using this day to day!  Great foundation!"

"Great instructor overall." 

"The instructor's background and experience made me feel like I'm receiving quality training."

"Very new concept for me and very thought provoking."

"Great facilitator.  Easy to listen to."

"Good balance on exercises/lecture, and generally well-focused exercises." 

“Gave a lot of examples from real life corporate world.”

“Good course. Good professor.” 

“Using three different case studies is effective. One for explanation, one for exercises and a final thorough group work.” 

“Some great examples were given.” 

“Extremely relevant course content.” 

“Instructor was extremely professional yet friendly and flexible.” 

“Instructor’s expertise was relevant. We really appreciate his time, effort and energy.” 

“Brilliant trainer and very useful and apt responses to questions.” 

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