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Manuscript Off to Publisher? Now What (January 30, 2015)

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Manuscript Off to Publisher? Now What (January 30, 2015)
One year ago, I started jotting down an idea I had that I thought could make an interesting blog series, an article, or maybe even a book. Today I just mailed in a finished 170 page, 52,221 word book manuscript to my publisher. How does that make me feel, you may ask. In a weird way, I feel like I can understand a bit of what mothers feel when they deliver a baby. I am thrilled to have seen my idea come all the way to fruition in a manuscript. I am pretty darn pleased with how it came out too. At the same time, I am going to miss the experience of working on the manuscript. For the last 9+ months, this book has been at the top of my mind every morning. Going through the ups and downs of negotiating with potential publishers. Parking at my local coffee shop every day to write. Talking through the latest thoughts and edits with my co-author Mike as we both did the hard work of turning an outline into a book. Answering the "how's the book coming along" questions from friends and family. Through it all, I figured something out ... I really love writing. Or, more accurately said, I love being a writer. The journey is its own reward in many ways. So Monday, I expect the post-manuscriptum depression to set in. Do I really need to haul myself to my cozy corner of the coffee shop that I have called my office for the last months? What do I do when I get another idea for a tweak or addition to the content that I want to put in the manuscript. Obviously, the hard work is far from over between now and the scheduled July release date, but it has taken a real turn. The words in the publisher's submission kit kind of captures it well - "Important: your submitted manuscript is considered final. All changes after that point are made at the behest of your editor or not at all. Unless we request otherwise, we can't accept revised portions of a manuscript once it has been submitted; this prevents duplicated efforts and wasted time (both yours and ours). Multiple revisions and rewrites after submission create a space for error and confusion. Essentially, once you submit your manuscript the baton has been passed. We realize you will likely be revising and polishing right up until your submission due date, so make the most of that time!" So, this weekend I celebrate getting the manuscript in a day ahead of deadline. Let's see what Monday brings...
Posted on March 14, 2015